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5 things to remember when starting a helpdesk for providing support to your customers

Congratulations to you if you are about to launch a helpdesk for your customer support needs, it means your business has grown to a certain size and that you are serious about keeping and growing your customer base. Here are 5 things to remember just as you start out –

1. Chose a good Helpdesk Application – It is important to get a good helpdesk solution. It’s a good idea to get a hosted solution which is not on the same server as your website. Also, get one which will let you form different queues so that the tickets can be moved to appropriate queues as they come. A helpdesk with features like Tagging and Flagging etc is a good option.

2. Man the helpdesk in the hours promised – Make sure the helpdesk is manned for atleast the hours you have said it will be on your website, whether it is 9 to 5 or 24×7. Make sure tickets are responded within the promised SLA and when they are getting delayed, you should send updates to keep your customers looped in at all times. If you don’t have the time or the people to manage your helpdesk, outsource your helpdesk. But don’t settle for a poorly managed helpdesk.

3. Create an FAQ – It is important to have FAQ’s on your website and encourage people to look in there before they open a new ticket about an issue they are having.

4. Short but complete responses – Responses to the tickets should be brief but should cover all the queries a customer has asked. This means tickets should be read and understood well before responses are written. One of the KPA’s for your helpdesk agents should be the number of responses it takes to completely resolve a ticket – the lower the better.

5. Limited Upselling Only – A lot of the companies use the helpdesk almost exclusively for upselling. Don’t forget, these people are already your customers, your best upsell to them is great customer support.

Customer support is a great way to connect with and keep your customers. The helpdesk is a great way to do it – use it well. If you have any questions about this, feel free to visit us at opcje binarne top 10

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5 Reasons for having Live Chat on your website for your customers and enquiries

Live Chat is a great way to provide sales, billing and technical support to your customers and prospects alike. It is almost unthinkable to have an internet business without a Live Chat offering on the website. Here are 5 reasons you should consider getting it for your business if you don’t already have it. special offer von anyoption 1. Real Time Support – Live Chat is very real time support which your customer can initiate even as he or she is browsing the products or services on your website. It is easy to start by just a click of the button and is very private unlike a phone call which is sometimes difficult to conduct if one is at a public place or in a not so private office space. binäre optionen welche indikatoren

2. Non-Intrusive – Live Chat is a very non-intrusive interaction channel. A lot of people are shy to make a phone call because of various reasons like their accents or poor language skills or even just a plain dislike of engaging in a long verbal chat with a sales agent who are traditionally known to be pushy. Live chat on the other hand is completely controlled by the initiator and he can close it at any time he or she so desires without running the risk of seeming arrogant by hanging up the phone.

binäre optionen seriös handeln

3. Comprehensive Help – Live chat outsourcing can be very comprehensive in nature. As it allows your Live Chat agent to quickly seek help from people around him in case he is faced with a question which he doesn’t have an immediate answer too. Unlike the phone, where he needs to put the client on hold, on live chat he can just continue the chat without the customer finding out that the agent assisting him didn’t know the answer to his query. الخيارات الثنائية منصة متنقلة 4. Lower Cost – Live chat is a whole lot cheaper than the telephone where the provider is usually paying by the minute or seconds. Plus since most good Live Chat agents can multitask by doing 2 or even 3 chats at a time, it gives for much greater utility of each agent resulting in lower costs.

köpa oxycodone 5. Better Feedback – Modern Live Chat applications come with great feedback tools built in which enables you to collect detailed feedback about your product or service from your customers and prospects. It is also easier on the customer to give feedback more objectively this way.

We at Aress, have some great packages for Live Chat Support Agents to help you start a small trial or even go full-fledged into offering 24×7 Live Chat solution to your clients and prospects. We work with many internet businesses to provide Live Chat to their customers. Feel free to ask for a free trial of our service for 7 days before taking a final call. binäre optionen handeln mit startguthaben Call now at +1 (949) 283-6642 and ask for Greg Cutler or email us at or click here and start a live chat with one of our agents.

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SSL Installation on Windows Server

The steps to install SSL on windows server are as follows:

1. Login to windows server where you want to install SSL

2. Save your certificate and key as 2 separate files on the desktop of windows server where you want to install SSL.

3. Now open was ist ein broker für binäre optionen in the browser

4. Select Type To Convert To : Köpa Kamagra i sverige PFX/PKCS#12

SSL Conversion

5. Select “Type of Current Certificate “ to : Standard PEM

SSL Certificate Type

6. Now attach your certificate file saved in the step 2. At “Certificate File to Convert” and key file saved in the step 2 at “Private Key File”

SSL Installation

7. Set PFX Password

8. Click on “Convert Certificate”

9. Save the certificate downloaded in PFX format

10. Go to IIS >> Server Certificates

11. Click on Import

12. Attached pfx file generated in step 9 in below window and password must be :mypassword

13. Click on Ok

14. That’s it! SSL installed Successfully

15. Now next job is assign it to the website from IIS >> Website name >> Bindings

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Steps to install RED5

The steps for installing RED5 are as follows:

conto demo opzioni binarie senza deposito

1. Install Java – JDK and JRE

* For installing Java JDK and JRE, we can use the RPM. Visit the link


* Setup the environment variables to include the path for java.

export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/

binära optioner robot 2. Install Apache ant

tar -zxf apache-ant-1.7.0-bin.tar.gz
mv apache-ant-1.7.0 /opt/ant
ln -s /opt/ant/bin/ant /usr/bin/ant

* Setup the environment variables to include the path for Apache ant.

export ANT_HOME=/opt/ant

youtube binäre optionen für anfänger 3. Now download and install RED5.

tar -zxf red5-0.6.3.tar.gz
mv red5-0.6.3 red5
cd red5
/opt/ant/bin/ant prepare
/opt/ant/bin/ant build

servicio señales opciones binarias 4. Now directory “dist” contains compiled files and ready to run the server

cd dist

* RED5 should now run http server on port 5080 and rtmp service on port 1935 binäre optionen put call 5. For testing, check


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How to Install PHP 4 and Apache 1.3.xx in Windows

Installing Apache 1.3.xx for Windows and configure it for use with PHP 4, a fairly simple task, if you have done it before. You do not need to compile Apache and PHP sources as readily available binaries for Apache and PHP.
Installing PHP4 and Apache 1.3.xx in Windows

Before installing, make sure that the username under which you are working is part of the Administrators group. Make sure that the 80-th the TCP-port is not occupied by any other service or application, eg, Microsoft IIS. If port 80 is not available, change the port in IIS-a setting (or other services) on the other, or else disable or uninstall the application.

Installing Apache 1.3.xx in Windows

For distribution Apache 1.3.xx, refer to the Apache download page of our portal (Download / Apache), or download the binary installation package (* .msi) from the Apache HTTPD project mirrors the official site here. Select the package file that has a name similar apache_1.3.xx-the win32-the x86-no_src.msi (where xx -Current version of Apache).

Immediately after receiving the Apache, install it, the installation process is trivial and does not have any complicated features. Pay attention to the Apache installation path (the Destination the Folder), Treat the choice of the directory for your Apache installation with attention. However, we will consider configuring Apache and PHP on the example of the default installation directory:

CD “C:/Program Files/Apache Group/”

After installation is complete, you can begin to install PHP4.

Installing PHP4 and bundle it with the Apache 1.3.xx

Download the archive PHP4 binary files (files *.zip) the latest stable version, please contact either of our PHP page downloads (Download / PHP), or to the download page on the official website of the PHP ( Do not download PHP in the form of installation packages (such as *.msi), they will not help you in this situation.

PHP4 downloaded as *.zip archive? Then we continue. Open the root directory of your Apache, by default it should be:

C:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache/

Create a subfolder in the root Apache PHP directory. For example:

CD“C:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache/PHP/”

Installing PHP4 and bundle it with the Apache 1.3.xx

Download the archive PHP4 binary files (files *.zip) the latest stable version, please contact either of our PHP page downloads (Download / PHP), or to the download page on the official website of the PHP ( Do not download PHP in the form of installation packages (such as *.msi), they will not help you in this situation.

PHP4 downloaded as *.zip archive? Then we continue. Open the root directory of your Apache, by default it should be:

C:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache/

Create a subfolder in the root Apache PHP directory. For example:

CD“C:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache/PHP/”

Extract the files from the archive PHP4 * .zip in PHP created a subdirectory. And pay attention to two very important file: php.exe, php4ts.dll, they will have to be precisely established directory you / the PHP. In addition, locate the file php4apache.dll, this file must be located in a subdirectory of / the PHP / sapi /. If these files are present, all right, you can start configuring.

Now stop your Apache team (use the Start -> Run):


Now, open the Apache configuration file, which has the name of the httpd.conf. By default, it is located in a subdirectory of the conf:

C:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache/conf/

Open the Apache configuration file (the httpd.conf) in the “Notepad” and add the following lines (add this directive after a long list of such directives how the LoadModule):

LoadModule php4_module “C:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache/PHP/sapi/ php4apache.dll”

Next, locate the Apache configuration file the following directive:

DirectoryIndex index.html

And change it to:

DirectoryIndex index.Php index.phtml index.php4 index.html index.htm index.shtml

Next, you need to compare the extension .php, adding httpd.conf the following directive (add it to the AddType directives district):

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

Now create a directory in which to store your documents and scripts (.php and .html files). Suppose it is a catalog:


Now find the directive DocumentRoot and change its value to the following:

DocumentRoot “C:/www”

Thus, in the directory C: /www/ will be placed in your .html pages and .php scripts.
Create directories:

The C:/the www/the cgi/ 
The C:/the www/the cgi-bin directory/

They will be stored script .cgi (including binary). Next, install the directives ScriptAlias ??follows:

The ScriptAlias ??/the cgi/”the C:/the www/the cgi/”
The ScriptAlias??/the cgi-bin directory/”the C:/the www/the cgi-bin directory/”

And replace it with the following:

the Options the Indexes Includes 
the AllowOverride the All 
the Allow from all 

So you asked a number of default settings to the directory C: / www and all its subdirectories. Namely, the automatic generation of a list of the contents of the directory when viewing it in the browser (if it is not needed, simply select the Options Includes), support to the SSI, as well as the ability to share files .htaccess for individual directory settings.

Next, make sure that you have the directive the AddHandler:

AddHandler .cgi .exe

This directive tells Apache that files with the extension .cgi and .exe should be taken as the CGI-program.
Set the SSI parameters:

Text AddType / the html .shtml .shtm .stm 
the AddHandler server-parsed .shtml .shtm .stm

These directives files with the extensions .shtml .shtm .stm and will be treated as the SSI.
Now save your configuration file the httpd.conf.
But now you need to install the PHP configuration file (the php.ini) in the root directory of Apache. The default is:

C:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache/

The configuration file php.ini can be found in the archive * .zip downloaded PHP you, and if it is not there that often, then download the php.ini, here .

Once you have copied the php.ini in the root directory of Apache, you need to make to configure PHP. First, create a PHP directory (the default directory is the C: / Program the Files / Group is the Apache / the Apache / PHP) Two new subdirectory:

The C:/Program the Files/Group is the Apache/the Apache/the PHP/the PECL/ 
The C:/Program the Files/Group is the Apache/the Apache/the PHP/sessions/

Create a directory for the libraries needed extensions PECL and store session files respectively.
Now open the configuration file php.ini and find the Directive responsible for the path to the extensions:

extension_dir = “put_k_rasshireniyami_php”

Set this value according to the location of the directory / the PECL. That is, in this case:

extension_dir=”C:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache/PHP/PECL”

Now find a directive that is responsible for the path to the session files:


Set the value of this directive in line with the location of the directory /sessions. In this case, the default is:

session.save_path=C:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache/PHP/sessions

Now save the file to the php.ini, accepting change.

In this configuration of Apache + PHP completed. It’s time to test your server. Create a directory C: / www / file index.php 

Now run your Apache with the following command (also use the Start menu -> Run):


Now open your browser and ask your server:


If you did everything correctly and your Apache web server is running, you will see information about PHP.

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Top 10 Tips for Successful 24×7 Hosting Support

It goes without saying that providing stellar customer service is critical to business growth. Research done by Genesys Global Survey in 2009 revealed that 40% of customers rated “Better Human Service” as the reason for successful resolution of their issues. Providing great customer service doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive, in fact, the 3 main reasons companies both large and small chose outsourced webhosting support are – Quality, Efficiency and Cost.

If you are considering augmenting your support department and want to ensure the best possible outcome, you will want to consider partnering with a well-established support provider and keep the following points below in mind.

  • Years of Experience: Choose a support provider with years of experience, a deep understanding of customer service, and who knows how to deal with contingencies under strict timelines.

  • Breadth of knowledge: Relevant certifications from major IT giants such as Microsoft, Red Hat, VMWare, and Parallels ensure a proper foundation of knowledge required to properly support your organization.

  • Communication Skills: Communication is THE critical part of customer support. Outsourcing support should not mean compromising the quality of communication with your customers. A great 24×7 Hosting Support team should be proficient in both written and spoken language. Interviews with support staff prior to engaging is a great way to ensure the proper personnel are in place to support your customers.

  • Qualitative Certifications: Service providers should be certified in ISO 9001:2008 Certification which focuses on service quality and ISO 27001:2005 (Information Security Management System) which focuses on data security and privacy.

  • Client References: The proof is the finished product. Quality vendors will be able to provide multiple references for your review.

  • Flexible Engagement Models: Flexibility is key. Each support client often has different support requirements due to timezone and business model variations. Vendors should offer several options for shift coverage, i.e. single shift, multiple shifts and 24×7 Hosting Support depending on your business needs.

  • Multiple Support Tiers: One size does not fit all. Multiple support options allow you to choose the best combination of support personnel to meet the demand of your clients. Optimally, having three levels of support – Basic (Level 1), Enhanced (Level 2) and Premium (Level 3) will allow you to handle the different call type volumes specific to your business. You choose the level of support and the combination that is right for your business needs.

  • Response Times and Resolution Times: 24×7 Hosting Support partners should offer proactive 24×7 server monitoring and administration. Expected response and resolution times should be clearly defined and communicated as part of your SLA (Service Level Agreement). Generally a Support team can guarantee a 30 minute response guarantee and one hour of resolution time.

  • Communication Channels: Efficient management includes direct communication with your team over instant messenger, phone or email as per the business needs and pre-defined processes. It also includes a 24×7 internal escalation team.

  • Account Management: A great support team will include an account manager who works with you to facilitate communication, which includes daily, weekly and monthly reporting and account status calls. Your account manager will work as your advocate to ensure quality and focus.

While the above is by no means a complete list, hopefully it helps to guide you through the process. For more information, please see the information below:

Know More

Please contact Greg Cutler at (949)283-6642 or email at to get a FREE consultation on how Aress can provide 24×7 Hosting Support for your company. Ask about our FREE no obligation support trial for your organization.

Aress typically supports up to 15,000 support instances per day and has 16 years of experience working with web hosting providers, cloud and software application providers as well as point of sale.

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Augment your staff

Provide Stellar Support!

Customer service is the intangible which can make or break your business. Providing stellar customer service can make the difference between being the marketshare leader or being last in the pack.

Increasingly, customers expect prompt, courteous and knowledgeable support. Providing live support via multiple channels i.e. email, live chat, telephone and remote desktop make all the difference, especially when offered around the clock.

Every customer presales, billing and support instance is an opportunity to position your company as a service leader among prospects and customers alike. Having support available around the clock ensures the opportunity to impress clients and potential clients with outstanding service. Recent studies such as the one presented by TechNavio reported that improved customer engagement and satisfaction results in a potential compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.4 percent.

Leveraging the right outsourced technical support partner allows you to quickly augment your support department, provide enhanced support services and offer support for expanded hours all while allowing you to focus on your core strengths of growing your business.

In addition to augmenting staff and providing expanded support hours, the right outsourced support partner will be able to accommodate the various levels of support needing to be provided and be able communicate to different support audiences be it B2C or B2B channel partners. This is especially true for point of sale manufactures who may require immediate retail B2C end user support as well as installation and maintenance support for B2B channel partners.

For more information, please contact Greg Cutler( for a complementary consultation on providing cost-effective support for your customers.


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8 reasons why Aress Support is the right partner for you

There are many reasons why Aress Support is the right partner for your customer support needs. Here are the top 8-

  • 24x7x365 Support – All our services can be utilized 24x7x365. However, if you wish to have coverage for only limited hours, we are happy to organize that too.

  • White Label Support – All our support is white labelled and so we use your support infrastructure (Helpdesks and Live Chat and Phone Systems) to provide support to your customers and for all practical purposes become an extension of your teams and act with all the loyalty of your employed staff.

  • Multi-Channel Support – We can provide support using all the major support channels – Helpdesks/Email, Live Chat, Phones and Social media.

  • High Employee Retention – Our high employee retention rates are unique in the support industry. Therefore, when you contract us, you don’t see the usual outsourcing issues of constant retraining on account of high attrition that most support companies have.

  • Experienced Player – We bring over 15 years of experience to the table. With the experience comes many of the support industry’s best practices that we have seen over the years.

  • Cost Effective – We bring tremendous cost savings to your company. Our ROI is high and usually visible right from the very first month of our services

  • US/UK based Account Management – We have senior Account Managers in USA and UK. This means you have access to senior management people in your time zones. Our Account Managers will regularly visit you and work with you through the challenges of outsourcing bringing their experience to the fore.

  • Quality and Security – We pride ourselves in the quality of the service we offer. Our online audit teams will strive to help better the service levels right from its inception. We are also aware of the security and privacy needs of your business and our ISO 27001 displays our commitment to that.

Please call our business development representatives:
Greg Cutler +1 (949) 283-6642 and Alan Acton +44 (0) 7828 929 032 for more information or email us at for more information on how we can partner you in fulfilling your customer and tech support needs.

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Is your Web Hosting Secure?

Web hosting security can be a nightmare, as hackers are continually trying to find new ways into your server, and their tactics seem to be getting cleverer each day. When it comes to security, what you don’t know can hurt your business. Hosting your website via Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting or shared hosting servers can leave you vulnerable to hackers. These hackers carry out their work by uploading malware or malicious code onto a server. It then becomes a threat to all customers whose data is hosted on the server.
So as you look around for web hosting services, following are the things you need to look for when choosing your provider:

Do they employ a reliable firewall?
Your website host’s firewall should be configured to deny traffic unless it is specifically allowed, blocking threats to the server and sites hosted on it from outside of their network. Their security controls should be consistently tested from both inside and outside of their network. You also need to make sure that the providers network, administrative, and security personnel are well trained to handle any security-related issues that might arise.

How often do they backup customer sites?
A daily back up routine allows the provider to restore data to its entire network or to one particular site, should it be affected by a security breach or by any other technical snag. This simple routine step will guard against disaster should the site become compromised.

Are they familiar with their clients?
After you choose your host, during the preliminary registration process, there is a chance for the provider to get to know who administers your site and which IP address the updates will be coming from. It is important to verify whether they carefully screen accounts, obtain proof of identity, and contact new clients before accounts are activated to alert hackers or unauthorized personnel from registering accounts?

Do they keep watch?
The web host’s servers and network components should be monitored to make sure that no malicious code has been uploaded to a site, even if the rest of the site appears completely legitimate. Their servers and network should be monitored 24 hours every day for availability, both internally and externally.Is your Web Hosting Secure? In the unlikely event a site does become compromised, their monitoring system should be able to detect it quickly, so their team is able to take the necessary measures to remove the threat in question.

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Outsourcing Web Hosting Support: 6 Reasons Why It Makes Sense

Most web hosting service providers begin by providing support themselves or with a few key employees when they begin. However, soon they outgrow that mode and that is the time they have to take the call of either setting up support in-house with employees working 24×7 or finding a good partner to outsource their support needs to. Hosting service providers have to consider several aspects carefully before implementing hosting support in-house. A significant amount of time, money and efforts has to be invested, without compromising on the focus on the core business of selling web hosting services. Limitations in terms of money and space are major roadblocks for in house support, so it isn’t a practical choice for most of the hosting service providers. In this article we’ll shed light on 6 of the most obvious reasons why it makes sense to outsource or you can say Outsourcing Web Hosting Support: 6 Reasons Why It Makes Sense:
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