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Is your Web Hosting Secure?

Web hosting security can be a nightmare, as hackers are continually trying to find new ways into your server, and their tactics seem to be getting cleverer each day. When it comes to security, what you don’t know can hurt your business. Hosting your website via Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting or shared hosting servers can leave you vulnerable to hackers. These hackers carry out their work by uploading malware or malicious code onto a server. It then becomes a threat to all customers whose data is hosted on the server.
So as you look around for web hosting services, following are the things you need to look for when choosing your provider:

Do they employ a reliable firewall?
Your website host’s firewall should be configured to deny traffic unless it is specifically allowed, blocking threats to the server and sites hosted on it from outside of their network. Their security controls should be consistently tested from both inside and outside of their network. You also need to make sure that the providers network, administrative, and security personnel are well trained to handle any security-related issues that might arise.

How often do they backup customer sites?
A daily back up routine allows the provider to restore data to its entire network or to one particular site, should it be affected by a security breach or by any other technical snag. This simple routine step will guard against disaster should the site become compromised. أسهل الطرق لكسب المال على الانترنت Are they familiar with their clients?
After you choose your host, during the preliminary registration process, there is a chance for the provider to get to know who administers your site and which IP address the updates will be coming from. It is important to verify whether they carefully screen accounts, obtain proof of identity, and contact new clients before accounts are activated to alert hackers or unauthorized personnel from registering accounts?

qual e il miglior programma di opzioni binarie Do they keep watch?
The web host’s servers and network components should be monitored to make sure that no malicious code has been uploaded to a site, even if the rest of the site appears completely legitimate. Their servers and network should be monitored 24 hours every day for availability, both internally and externally.Is your Web Hosting Secure? In the unlikely event a site does become compromised, their monitoring system should be able to detect it quickly, so their team is able to take the necessary measures to remove the threat in question.

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Web Hosting Trends to look out for in 2014

Cloud computing is quickly emerging to be the technology that is disrupting global businesses and industries. Web hosting industry has gone through a major shift with the wide implementation of pay-per-use computing and affordable cloud storage offers.
With resources such as the public cloud, both hosting providers and users have multiple choices. Public cloud is undoubtedly one of the major future trends and its growth will have a considerable impact on the web hosting industry in the coming years. Outlined below are the web hosting trends that are expected in the year 2014:

köpa Sildenafil Citrate online 1) Hybrid Clouds: Hybrid cloud is a platform that combines resources from both public cloud and dedicated servers and that gains more and more attention by business users the world over. Gartner has suggested that hybrid cloud is going to be one of the top trends for 2014 and predicted its future transformation into a more effective system. Hybrid cloud offers an opportunity for all organizations to successfully merge benefits of dedicated hosting and public servers in order to maximize business efficiency.

winning binary signals 2) Security: Security has always been one of the major concerns in public cloud hosting. As growing amounts of digital data are sent to the cloud and transferred via the web, experts point to the potential risks of malicious activities. The hosting providers focus on developing reliable solutions with enhanced security systems and offer maximum protection for their users.

opciones binarias para dummies 3) Custom Solutions: As the cloud adoption grows, there are more and more opportunities for web hosts to offer custom solutions in terms of disk space, bandwidth and features. Cloud-based hosting relies on cloud servers and this feature enables users to scale the resources up and down as they need. This is particularly important for small businesses that can significantly benefit from pay-per-use models.

opzioni binarie poste italiane 4) Environmentally friendly hosting: Hardware equipment used in companies is growing at an unprecedented rate and this brings with it some environmental issues.
Web Hosting Trends to look out for in 2014 for development of new technologies may have a negative impact on the environment. Many vendors have started promoting green web hosting powered by either wind or solar energy. This type of hosting definitely has the potential to become a major trendsetter in the market and we may expect its significant growth in the next year.

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10 Questions to ask your new Web Hosting Company

There are thousands of web hosting service providers in the market now. Each promising an unbelievably sweet deal at a great price. Therefore, choosing a Hosting service provider can be a tricky task. Here are some 10 Questions to ask your new Web Hosting Company that can help you save many later day headaches and potentially some cash:

binäre optionen 0-100 1) What are the different customer support mediums being offered?: You must get a phone line you can call in business hours and then a live chat which is 24×7 besides the given email support for 24×7. Also ask about response times for the email support. Anything more than 4 hours is no longer an acceptable industry standard. The hosting company must offer you with live chat, telephone support, email assistance through the ticketing process as well as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).

buy cheap Lisinopril on line 2) Do they offer 24/7 monitoring and support for system administration issues?: One of the reasons for choosing a managed hosting provider is for you to be able to focus on your business, not your IT. 24/7 monitoring and support will eliminate the need for overnight IT staff and greatly reduce the risk of a server being unattended. 24/7 support also means that you will have a team dedicated to your system, whether it is OS upgrades, security checks etc. to ensure your environment is secure and up-to-date. broker italiano option binary 3) What is their SLA for server uptime?: Choose a hosting provider with a competitive SLA (Service Level Agreement) of at least 99.9% uptime, and a timely hardware replacement guarantee, typically 4 hours or less. This is especially true if you have mission critical applications, meaning that your business activity is completely dependent on them.

z2 4) What is their Back-ups policy?: Knowing whether and how your data is backed up, and how long it will take to restore, allows you to understand the impact of a compromise of your website.

binäre optionen handeln mit spielgeld 5) How long have they been in business?: A lot of new hosting providers have popped up over the last several months as the interest in cloud computing has grown. You need to look for a provider that has been around for a while and has a proven track record, has extensive experience managing environments similar to yours and has plenty of references.

netdania chart 6) What is their cancellation and refund policy?: In case you are dissatisfied with the hosting providers services and intend to cancel the services and get a refund, it is necessary for you to know their cancellation and refund policy beforehand. rekenvoorbeeld binaire opties 7) What is their Price Lock-in?: Many hosting providers offer low prices for their services only for the initial few months. It is necessary for you to ask the provider about the duration for which the price will remain unchanged.

opcje binarne co i jak 8) Upgrade policy: If you have a growing business, then you might need timely upgrades to the hardware. In such a case, you need to enquire about the hosting providers upgrade policy.

opzionni binarie e paypal binarionetto com 9) Do they offer migration support?: Before signing up with a hosting provider ask them whether they provide free migration support. Migration support is essential as it will ensure the migration process goes smoothly.

conto demo forex binario 10) Does the webhost have a comprehensive DDOS attack prevention system in place?: DDOS attacks are common place now. It is important for your web host to have the necessary hardware and software for prevention of DDOS attacks in place. Most quality web hosts have a well-defined policy and infrastructure in place for dealing with this.

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How to choose the right hosting platform?

Currently users have the choice between opziopni binarie Windows, Linux and end of day stock trading system Mac for a web hosting platform. Mac has gained popularity in the recent times. Each of these platforms have their own pros and cons. Choosing the right platform is most often a matter of your specific set of requirements like- static site design, specific scripting language or database support. In this post we’ll highlight the features of these hosting platforms. How to choose the right hosting platform? will need to consider the following areas before choosing the platform that meets your needs:

Security & Reliability:
Security and reliability are important considerations while choosing a web hosting platform. Linux and Mac based servers face lesser downtime as compared with Windows based servers. Windows has had a bad reputation due to system crashes and bugs. Having said that, the newer versions have shown remarkable improvement and are now quite the preferred enterprise level hosting choice. In spite of being open source, Linux has robust security as add-ons can be installed to create a secure environment. Linux also has remarkable processing capabilities, and supports diverse scripting languages.

If you’re on a constricted budget, Linux should probably be your choice as it is the cheapest amongst the platforms. Linux being open source, there is little or no licensing cost. Whereas Windows and Mac have high licensing costs which has a bearing on the final cost of web hosting plans. The reduced cost of Linux hosting plans does not make it inferior to the other platforms.

Ease of use:
Although Linux is a powerful web hosting platform, it is difficult to use for a novice due to the DOS- like command line interface. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) of Windows and Mac make them much easier to use. Even though Windows and Mac have a GUI, it may not be used very often as most of the interaction with the web hosting system happens through the servers control panel or FTP.

At 24×7 Hosting support, we have experience of over 13 years of handling support for Linux and Windows based hosting platforms, so you can be completely assured that your clients will receive the best possible technical support.

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